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Who We Are

An International Teaching Organization

ZenMind Academy is a non-profit corporation born out of the vision of former monk Rajan Shankara. 

ZenMind Academy delivers positive development and educational instruction to traumatized and disadvantaged youth using our system of Sustainable Performance—education of psychology, philosophy, meditation, mental acuity and peace, physical health and spiritual wellbeing.

psychology 42%
Philosophy 89%
Meditation 50%
Physical Strength 75%


ZenMind Academy Curriculm

A 7-step foundational approach to self-development.

ZenCore is the bedrock of a student’s day to day routine and practical application regarding our daily lives. 

Managing our body and mind in order to get the best return on our investments. 

ZenEnergy allows the students to learn what mindfulness means using concrete terms and concepts instead of the often abstract spiritual components coming out of scripture or spiritual guides. 

Our philosophical system of Eastern psychology.

ZenTheory allows the abstract philosophical matters of zen to be revealed, discussed and analyzed. ZenTheory uses Eastern methods of Cognitive Behavioral Techniques and NLP—Neuro-Linguistic Programming—in order to define the world inside of us and how we can best control our reactions to the world outside of us. 

Resources to make the Zen executive even better.

ZenPerformance is a body of research taken from elite athlete coaches, to philosophers and economic strategists, and the accumulation of their experience with effective and powerful populations. The biggest question to answer here is, “How can we repeat success and not overwhelm the student?”

The actual step-by-step methodology for meditation, which no student has ever failed.

ZenPractice is the application of our meditation methodology—from abstract to concrete, every student can succeed with our practical methods.  Rajan Shankara takes students through small steps in order to end up at a larger goal. This mediation system is designed for any level, any schedule, any time. 

The core meditation practice revealing a student’s mastery of mind.

ZaZen is ZenMind’s Master’s program allowing an intermediate mind to test its capacity for mastery. Several courses need to be taken first in order to understand our ZaZen curriculum. 

Who We've Helped

ZenMind Alumni

Every time we talk I become more motivated and inspired. ZenMind teachings lift my spirits in tough times. I'm so fortunate to have been introduced to this.
My work feels different as I get more zen and focused on the job, and when I get a break "rebooting" greatly helps me in that focus.
ZenMind Academy mentorship is what I needed when few could help. I heard the ugly truth about responsibility—and everything being my fault—and was guided back on the right track.
Working closely with Raj and ZenMind changed the way that I approach life. I used to just float on by, but through the teachings I learned how to examine my life, how to view challenges, and how to get out of my own way. Now, things don’t happen to me, I make things happen.
The ZenMind meditation program gave me more energy, collected thoughts and have more peace these days. This has been huge in keeping me grounded, especially with all the uncertainty in the world right now.
I have been a student of Raj's, and ZenMind, since its inception years ago when Rajan left the monastery. The teachings have increased my willpower, reduced stress levels, gave more focus, and had a positive impact on some health issues I had.
Sitting in meditation with Rajan was helpful, especially since past traumas were resurfacing. I found the techniques so helpful that I became a student of ZenMind Academy. I am eternally grateful as today I have peace and a new freedom.
i have to thank ZenMind and head teacher Rajan for the mentoring when I was just graduating high-school. The curriculum has given me an edge over the competition, and helped me see life from a new perspective. I'm so grateful.
Mayu V


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